When all you have is essentially all you need

When all you have is essentially all you need
There are so many ways in which I could approach this post but I guess Ill start here. I thinks it’s so important for us to unlearn some things but also very hard at the same time. One thing in particular is our deficit thinking. How is it that we can walk into a room and instantly identify all of the things missing while failing to acknowledge the things that are there. We have such similar thinking when it comes to how we view others around us. We are so used to seeing what people lack that sometimes we find it hard to praise the small feats that people are making. This could be a generalisation but for me most times than not it’s a reality.
So many of you may already know but for those that don’t I am currently serving as a Peace Core volunteer in Swaziland. I am not yet a Peace Core volunteer but am instead undergoing intense training to become one. In the meantime I like to speak things into existence hence why I said I am a Peace Core volunteer. But back to what I was saying, I completely over-packed for this trip. Trust me I’m going somewhere with this story. I over-packed so much that my fellow peers were so kind enough that they took some of my things to put in their bags for me. I also had to buy an extra duffel bag from the airport and have another peer to check it for me because they had only packed one checked bag for the next two years. So what does this say about me? is the question that continues to plague my mind. Am I materialistic? Am I attached to my stuff? Why do I have so much stuff? How can others manage with so little? Most recently I noticed something about myself and that’s that I buy everything in two’s. Like what is up with that?
I think about it in this deficit thinking where maybe I feel like I have to have everything or a fear of not having the things that I think I need. But the word need is becomes so misconstrued with the word want. Want and need are two completely different words but for me they have become interchangeable. Like the fact that I’ve lived overseas and been without for years at a time and for the fact that I will be living two years in Swaziland land goes to show me that every perceived need is not always a need. The fact that you can live without shows that sometimes many and also all of those perceived needs are really wants. Things that make us feel secure or comfortable are not always necessary. We must learn to live without and be content with that because we have all that we need. Anything outside of what we have is extra. If I continue with this mindset than I think ill be able to slowly but surely get out of this deficit thinking that I’ve grown so accustomed to.
I truly believe that my glass Is half full and not half empty so I need to embody that belief in my everyday thinking.


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