Will we ever be free?

When will we ever be free? Physically? or is that even a real thing?
I’m starting to think that it’s a un achievable concept when you have to hash tag racial interactions with #drivingwhileblack.
How about plan existing as a person of color?
The more we do to combat the issue the crazier I feel
Its like we can’t beat this system of oppression and the worse part about it all is that it exist outside of the US boarders
And im not speaking about European countries but could you fathom the idea of it existing in Africa
The motherland itself?
Like I can’t be free in America and I knew that because I was never intended to be free there
But I can’t be free in the motherland either
The origin of my existence
Its mind boggling the more I think about it
Like my experiences of navigating this country in the skin that I am in has been surprisingly challenging
I came into this experience with the anticipation that I would not only be welcomed by my people but that I would be embraced as their own but that has not been my experience
Not for all but for the random encounters I have with security officers as they follow me from aisle to aisle in some stores
To the guards at grocery stores not hesitating to yell Wota sisi (meaning come here sister) as they search aimlessly into my belongings for that product that I must of stolen
Like you are bringing me down
And I can only imagine these experiences to soon become the norm for me
This struggle for freedom is on going and forever
It runs deep from my ancestors to me
I’m burdened with this
I can’t stand the idea of disliking my own people because of the way they treat me
But it’s hard for me to understand how you could treat your own in such a way while “others” get treated like royalty?
Why make yourself inferior to that of “others”?
Money is truly the root of all evil
Because he or she has a certain shade of skin you assume that they are rich
Because he or she has a certain shade of skin they are essentially free
We ain’t free until we’re all free
It’s hard being American and being black
Like to me they don’t go together
We built this country yeah we haven’t reaped any of the benefits of our hard labour
Instead we are forced into these systems of oppression that leave a crack in the door
that will never be opened
I used to believe in Marcus Garvey’s back to Africa plan
Especially from my time in South Africa
But now after being here I’m not so sold on the concept
Although we come from Africa we will never be African
There is difference
I think it actually first hit me when I went to an African students associations party
Every one was mingling and introducing themselves by country
Responses included: Nigeria, Kenya, Burkino Faso and the list goes on
When it came down to me I said New Jersey
I wish you could of saw the confused faces
Like to be African American is a mystery
Like barely know our history
So of course other people don’t
And to hear celebrities and others talk about how roots shouldn’t be aired because we are always being portrayed as not successful sickens me
Like you need to learn your history and more importantly, the world needs to know
The fact that people in other countries don’t know that there are black people in America should be a crime
Like how when we built the country
On our backs, with bare hands
If anything we should be the topic of discussion in every single history class
Yet we become the laughing stock
The poster child for welfare and the image of America’s deepest fears
The black man that is
We are feared because we are fearless, fierce
The embodiment of what “others” wished they could be
We don’t break
We bend
And have been bending for years


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