Hey Girl Hey!!

Hey you I see you
Even where it feels like the world stopped taking notice
It was weird to express your feelings to someone and not be validated
Its was like talking to a wall
Every way I turned you trapped me in this sort of road block
It was like you had some sort of tunnel vision and as much as I wanted to believe that you just didn’t understand
Something struck me across the face and it was the reality that you didn’t care
Keeping face seemed more important
If you can’t do it perfectly than lets not do it at all
And I get that
I really do
But what about the emotions that fester in the mean time?
Who will attend to those
I’m afraid that my experiences will become normalised
And swept under the carpet
I’m afraid that eventually all of the oh no’s im sorry will eventually turn into
Suck it up, you will manage
What did you expect
Not this
Well you signed up for it
And yes I did
I’ve grown distant
And overall a little leary of you
You’ve proved yourself time and time again
So I don’t find myself to be unreasonable
But in the end I’m happy to have the supports that I do
They provide me with much needed laughter to lighten the mood
Because to be honest things get a bit frustrating
Damn near overwhelming and exhausting after while
Non the less I’m excited for what’s to come
And the growth that will accompany me on this journey
I am leaning on understanding
But judgement man
He’s not giving up without a fight


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