The reoccurring theme of dreams keep me awake at night and alert during the day. Its like m some sort of dream catcher filtering each and every form of the word. From dream to dreams to dreamer and the list goes on. Its like are you trying to show me a sign god? If so let me know. I’ll keep you close in on my encounters with the concept. So for one I was scrolling through Facebook aimlessly as always and I saw a video with Lisa left eye Lopez and she was talking about your dreams being a manifestation of your thoughts. And how in following your dreams you are staying close to who you are. I thought that her statement was so profound and it stuck with me. I then was listing to the Steve Harvey morning show and he brought up the concept about Disney and how he is one of the most creative people we know. Imagine having a conversation with Walt Disney about mickey mouse and Donald duck and Aladdin. Like would you be able to grasp his ideas. You would think he was mad. Or maybe I would say to myself this guy is a little out there. But non the less the point is that sometimes you can’t tell your dreams to small minded people. There was a man who called into the show and had been working for a truck company and wanted to start his own company. He started his company and was struggling
Risking everything although we know its hard
We owe it to ourselves to pursue the parts of us that scare us the most
The parts of us that are unacceptable to what our parents and to what society has chosen as the norm for success
We must go to the foreign depths of the earth that call us in our dreams
Those places that we would have never imagined we’d wound up but find ourselves falling heads over heels at the sunsets weve taken for granted over the years
The friendly smiles that greet us as we enter the grocery store
The childrens laughter
Aww man how I love it
How I am reminded of what it meant to be free
And unbothered
And yet having the inability to shield ourselves from the perceptions of other that plague our dreams
The dream killers if I could be so open
Im in Swaziland. Yet the dream to come here was not clear in the beginning but if you know me than you know that I believe in god and that I know that nothing is by chance.


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