HGTV’s Fix My Hut


I officially moved into my hut in the bustling hills of a town called Mpompotha which is located in one of the hottest regions of Lubombo. It’s so beautiful here and my host family is the My brothers have been helping me a great deal with little improvements here and there and a special shout out to my counterpart for his help also. This is officially my DIY (Do it yourself) year with the help of others. I know that makes no sense but I have to start somewhere when it comes to acquiring these Bob the Builder skills lol

Here is a look at some of the before and after photos of my hut. Jamilah the volunteer before me was so gracious to leave behind a few goodies including the cooking table, the hanging shelf by the kitchen area, the hanging wardrobe and the shower sticks to hang my curtins.

I added one handing shelf by my photo wall by myself, my bo bhuti (brothers) helped add the shelves by my bathing area and an additional shelf to my table and my counterpart Lucky helped me add the pot stick and the mosquito net which looks like a canopy to me.

I am planning on getting in the wood shop at school and making a bookshelf and hopefully a small coffee table. I want to make a little seating area with pillows. But none the less my hut is starting to feel like home.

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