I wonder

No ones ever loved me the way you loved me

But who is to say not one ever will?

We get fixated on the past

Still trying to chase that high

It’s like we’re yearning to recreate those memories

But they’re memories for a reason right?

I suggest it’s time

It’s time to move on

I wonder sometimes if you still think about me

It’s like i’m not yet sold on your current reality

But what do you have to prove to me?

Absolutely nothing

Still trying to understand these feelings of mine

And why I still care so much

It’s like I’d put the distance of the world between us

And still all it takes is a picture to bring my thoughts back to you

I wonder what I’ll say

When and if we ever do speak again

Will we pick up like nothing ever happened

Or will we inquire about our lives and what happened over the past few years

I think about that conversaion in your parents car

Outside of the gallery when we reflected on life

And how far we’d traveled

And how much we’ve grown

Or that conversation where you confirmed your relationship status

But couldn’t stop apolologizing for some reason

And making excuses for the change

Sorry for what?, I wondered

Kinda moving on?

You said you wanted to ask me to be your girlfriend that day in the car

For us to pick up where we left off

To write our next chapter

I wonder what stopped you from asking?

Was it fear?


Potential rejection?

Or was the connection so intenselike its always been that you hid within yourself for cover

Well whatever it was

I wonder if it’s still there

I wonder if what I feel for you anymore is even real

Or if i’m suffering from the complications associated with loneliness

Like what if we meet again and we each have our significant others on our arms?

Will out heart reach out for one another?

Or will they stand still in the silence like total strangers?

I wonder


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