It’s Called the Healing Process


It’s called the healling process

So here goes

Each day I strip down

And remove a piece of me

Not forever

But just for now

It’s like reorganizing your closet

Or a book shelf

Or your food pantry

Getting rid of the old things

Adding the new things you just purchased

Brushing the dust off of things you forgot were there

And starting a fresh

It’s something about forgiveness that finds its way in during the process

To yourself for not being the you you know you are

To the world for not giving it your all

For here is where the healing is transformative

Where the strong holds are released

And where the joy finds it’s rightful place

Unlike before where it was snug tight between your insecurities

Or hanging off the ledge waiting for you to grab a hold of it

It has a place of its own now

And its here for good


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