Love is an actionary word

And ive always been a visual learner so show me

Its been raining a lot and growth is starting its process here in Swaziland

Its also plowing season and everyone here is franctically preparing their fields for the planting of crops like maize, juju beans, squash, etc

I too am also working on my garden (both literally and figuratively)

Planted a few tomato seedlings a few weeks ago and they have taken root

For the most part atleast

A few seem to have disappeared from my garden though

I’m thinking they were swept away by the wind but something tells me it was the chickens

Darn chickens

No matter how much fencing you put up they still just seem to find their way in

So today despite the dreary weather I decided to work on the other half of my garden that I have been neglecting

Ive decided to do a little each day considering the last time I kinda overworked myself

Today I planned to turn some soil to prepare my next bed for planting and get some weeding done

No matter how much you plant weeds can sure take a toll on the lively hood of your garden

But not on my watch

According to websters a weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants

This word is synomous with phrases like isolate. separate out, sort out, sift out, filter out, set apart, segregate, eliminate, get rid of, remove, cut, chop or informal lose.

All these suggesting that they must go.

You see weeds suck the life out of things and have no intended good

Yet me clip them off on the surface

Failing to dig depper

And catch them at the root

Hence why they keep coming back

As if you never pulled them up to begin with

Outside of wanting to finish my garden today

I also needed to clear my head of some things

Today I got some news that a guy who I really care about was sick and my world just literally stopped for a while

My heart began to race and I immediately messaged him with a few encouraging words and prayers

But it wasn’t enough

I had to hear his voice

So I called

And of course he picked up

Last time we talked it was just a bunch of loose ends

Still yet tied but we left it like we always do

I had to let him know that even though we didn’t talk every day I still cared hence why I was calling him after all this time

He said it was okay and reassured me that he was doing fine but still awaiting the news from the nurse

I told him I would check in on him again this week or so as I tried to hurry myself off the phone

But you stopped me

Its like you knew

You said “wait I have to tell you something”

And I said what without even thinking to prepare myself for what you were going to say

“I love you, and I’m not asking for a response. I just wanted to let you know”

I was speechless

Like what do you say to that?

Like what was I supposed to say

All I could say was okay

I learned my lesson along time ago when using that word

And although nothing in me doubted the emotion you had behind those words, I just knew I wouldn’t say them back to you

You see Love is an actionary word

And when you say it, there needs to be some action behind it

Show me better than you can tell me

Like my garden I myself am growing

I’ve dug deep and pulled a few weeds

Still trying to decide if you’re a wild plant growing

Or if youre actually a flower in disguise

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