Sometimes we want it to work so bad that we stay too long

Waiting for things to change

For people to grow into who we want them to be

And in the process we wound up loosing patience

And loosing ourselves

When they ask me how I spent most of my twenties here’s what I’ll say:


I spent it finding myself

Like truly


Like right down to my very core

My deepest convictions

My wildest fears

A yearning to grow closer to God

Falling so deeply in love

Trying to love again

A wanting to be loved and to love


with everyone ounce of me




I spent it traveling the world

Experiencing new cultures

Hearing new sounds

Tasting exotic foods

Fumbling across unspoken words

Staring at the moon


I spent it listening to children’s laughter

Making fun of myself

Writing poetry

Feasting from my own garden

And learning to write my own story



You see as the days go by and the night’s grow longer I take the time to reflect on ME. To check in with myself every step of the way. To be present; like actually in the now. It’s important to me because it’s all apart of my journey.

File_008 (1).jpeg

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