Is the thirst really that real?

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In a day and age where it seems like our generation is yearning to be loved or love themselves, it confuses me to think that a term like “The thirst is real” can exist. There are so many ways to think about this quote so I decided to ask a few of my millennial friends what they thought about it before I decided to share my own thoughts about it.

Before I share their thoughts about the quote I would like to first give a very brief definition of the word thirst from both the Webster’s dictionary and of course the urban dictionary.

According to the Webster’s dictionary “thirst” is defined as a : a sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat associated with a desire for liquids, the bodily condition (as of dehydration) that induces this sensation and or an ardent desire most synonymous with a longing or craving for something.

Now let’s see what the urban dictionary had to say shall we? According to thirst is a form of lust of or want of members of the opposite sex. This term can refer to both males and females.

So from these two definitions it seems like we have a few different meanings for the word, let alone the term itself. For our generation the term is most frequently used in the way depicted in urban dictionary but I am curious to see what my fellow millennials had to say about it.

So here is what they had to say:

Thirst in the form of pursuit of the opposite sex

“Low key in some cases the thirst is really that real. Especially if it’s the person that your soul is tied to. Especially if it’s the person who has everything within them that’ll make you better and you too are reciprocating that beneficial and genuine energy. The thirst is forever gonna be real if that person is dope. But when the thirst is rooted in simple physical attractions or fascination when no foundation and soulful ties. Its vague. Its easily replaced. Its never truly quenched but has the never thirsty again. Its never satisfying. The thirst for success and growth is real. The thirst for wisdom is real. The thirst for guidance is real. Like I’m dead thirsty for God to just use and uplift me. To comfort me. To mold me. When it’s materialistic or superficial it loses its ability to truly hydrate you. But the type of time I’m on, I’m not looking for those quick reliefs. I’m looking to truly be filled and hydrated. “- Twilight

“To me thirst means yearning or wanting the opposite sex or sexual desires. So when you ask is the thirst really that real it means is wanting sex or someone from the opposite sex that important that you’ll do anything for it, such as pretending to be somebody you’re not, killing for it, selling your body for it. Are you really that thirsty that you’ll do anything to be quenched”- Nijah

“What is thirst? When all we want is to be loved 100%. I want some one to be thirsty for me. I want some one to be someone’s water If water is all I need to live a healthy and nourishing life. The thirst only becomes thirst when you add a third party. You know what you want and what you need to be happy with someone else but the second you go and ask for a third parties opinion they somehow slip that thought into your mind. How dare you look at someone and tell them they aren’t good enough for you without attempting to accept the initial thirst. So thirst is just lust, curiosity, and infatuation. You can’t put a cap on someone’s feelings so don’t judge their thirst” –Vanetta

Women and men have forgotten what it means to court someone. These days when a person is trying to date or court you its considered being thirsty. This term makes me feel some type of way honestly. The thirst is real is a sense of our generation believes that this is a negative thing when it’s not. Back when my parents were younger consistency as good and showed a person that they were very interested in you but now consistency is he “thirst”. Who the heck made up this dumb term”- Whitley aka Whit aka Big TX

“I would say it means people lowering their dating standards because they’re thirsty or people not seeing the thirst in the courting scene” – Sherra

“If you like someone, there should be no shame in telling them. Person A wants to boost their ego when Person B’s trying to get their attention by calling Person B thirsty. Person B’s thirst reflects positively on Person A because they view themselves as highly desirable. So desirable in fact that they have the power to indulge in Person B’s affections or tease them for it. In the end, both people are losing out on something that could blossom into something positive. I would rather be Person B a thousand times over. If you like someone and want to be with them there’s no other way to express that than to show them. And if they claim “the thirst is real” then they ain’t thirsty for you and you need to keep it pushing. Someone will need you to quench their thirst eventually” – Erica

“Is the thirst real? When I think of that I think it means do you really want it? How bad do you really want it that you can taste it and be thirsty enough to get it” – Omar

“Coming from a heterosexual guy I would say the shameless pursuit of trying to get in another person’s pants. So I would say just randomly sliding into someone’s DM’s when you have no mutual friends or no connection to even knowing that person. Also being borderline creepy to another person by constant compliments and just saying anything to get that person to take mutual interest. I would say in Botswana from women to men its them approaching me. Me telling them that I have a girlfriend and not wanting a second and them saying “I don’t care and following me around trying to look for an opportunity to try to get into my pants.”- Caleb who was in Botswana

“First thing that cross my mind is guys chasing girls” – Michael

“So when I think of the term/question, “But is the thirst really that real?” or “The thirst is real”, I focus on a few areas. For me it’s a dilemma of moral integrity and how we define ourselves based on our ability to satisfy ourselves sexually through the use of others. Measuring our self-worth based on what we’re surrounded by or exposed to and wanting to emulate it by any means, even if we don’t understand why. So to me, the thirst couldn’t be that real. But it is, because we make it so and we’re not doing anything to change the narrative.”- Addison

“Is the thirst really that real = are you really that horny that you can’t control yourself”- Ashley


“Yes I believe the thirst is real. The thirst for attention. There are a lot of individuals who primarily use social media as a platform to draw the attention that they feel they need to validate who they are, and make them feel better about themselves. This can go both ways with men and women. There are a lot of women who post seemingly harmless but more so inappropriate pictures of their bodies online to attract warranted attention from men who gravel over the sight of any uncovered skin. Men as well. Some more famous examples can be images of the game and amber rose. Today’s society is all about flaunting and portraying yourself as something you really aren’t to attract attention and notoriety of others. This “thirst” is tainting our generation. –Dallas

“The thirst for attention is real. The thirst for a love that looks better than it actually feels (hence social media times have mad us our own marketing teams) also “fake love” from likes on social media, to perfect couple photos from the not so perfect (far from even perfect couple) thirst is real but what people are seeking to quench, the thirst is not real at all. So as long as we have half individuals searching for something to fill them up (outsourcing the power to fill themselves up and looking for it somewhere) the thirst will always be real. My main point is the thirst is real but what is being used to quench it isn’t. “ – Rahwa

Material things/Acceptance

“Sexually I question whether the thirst in Swaziland is that real for people within the country and then volunteers; myself specifically. I think a lot of the sexual tension especially for young people is pressure. There is a belief that everyone else is doing it and I want to be like everyone else. I was just telling someone today, I have noticed a lot of people even as children are afraid to stand out. Therefore just the notion of their friends are doing it makes them think they have to do it as well. The issue is the attention. No matter who you are or where you are from there is some part of you that likes the attention of being needed while others like the attention of being catered to. You want to feel wanted and quite often we express that desire sexually. Sometimes its not even the sex it’s just the feeling of not being alone. So I guess I am saying the thirst is there is a way but it comes from something much deeper” – Lisa

“Yes the thirst is real. Why and what exactly does this phrase mean to me? Well a lot of people are trying to keep up with others whether it’s a celebrity, co worker, family member, etc. instead of being content with themselves and living life for self. Johnny got a new car. Guess its times I get a new car. Johnny only rock designer. Damn let me find a way to buy some designer. Thirst is doing it for others acceptance and liking. Now a days some are becoming so thirsty they’ll even kill or die to quench it and I ask myself why? It’s the generation we’re living in. More parents must teach these kids/teens its okay to struggle and fuck what Johnny doing”- Dashaun

“Thirst is me not having running water in my tap almost ever. Needing something so badly that you don’t even want to admit. But can’t help but show it. Usually it’s some kind of snack for me. Like fruit roll ups. Once, I stole one from another kid in first grade” –Nada

“When real is the only thing that matters, I’d have to say the thirst is pretty damn quenching”- Sunshine

So from these responses it is clear that there are so many ways to look at this quote. The way in which I would like to talk about is the thirst for love and lusting after the opposite sex. For me “thirst” was always used synonymously with “court” or “showing interest”. To me if you are wanting to get the attention of someone you like then why not pursue them? Why is this considered thirsty? I do not know?

Over the years i’ve grown to learn my personal love language and that is time and thoughtful gestures. If you do those very things I’m bound to fall in love. I can’t imagine catching feelings from someone who was too afraid to express interest because he was more concerned with not seeming too interested aka “thirsty”.

So for me the thirst is real. It’s real in that we should stop caring what other people think. It is real in the sense that we should have more faith in ourselves to pursue the desires of our hearts. And lastly it is real in the fact that we should not seek acceptance from anyone else but ourselves.

From reading my fellow millennials responses to this question: Is the thirst really real I couldn’t help but come to these conclusion. Some folks in this generation are lacking something and to be honest that something can be love for some, attention for others and overall acceptance from the world. I’d like to think that it’s natural to desire such things but my problem is how we go about these things. Are we loosing ourselves in the pursuit? And most importantly, Are we forgetting who we are and what we believe?

I ask these questions because they are important things that we should consider before we decide to look anywhere else outside of ourselves. It all starts with self-acceptance. It’s something that can be taught but more than anything it’s learned. You must believe in yourself and love yourself first.

It’s a process, and it can be hard at times I know but it’s important. I only speak from experience.  So Let’s get back to love and more importantly self-love. It’s truly needed in the world.

I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on this topic so feel free to comment and subscribe below. Peace and blessings always

Ya girl Kirah!!

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