Do you know what today is?

It’s my 40th day postpartum 

Did you know that the placenta site of your womb takes approximately 40 days to heal after birth? I didn’t know this before becoming a doula and definitely wanted to share with my soon to be mommas. 

How you heal postpartum will impact your reproductive health for the rest of your life. We’ve been conditioned through capitalism and mainstream media that “snapping back” is the goal after postpartum and returning to “our scheduled programming” before birth. I am here to tell you that this isn’t true and that we should actively work against these norms. 

In this society REST and HEALING has become a privilege that many of us who work 9-5’s are not privy to. If you are fortunate and able be sure to look into your companies FMLA policies , state and private disability and also Family leave insurance if you are in the state of NJ so you can get the most amount of paid time from your employer to not only heal and restore your body but also bond with your child. 

I dance today because I am blessed and highly favored to have taken the time to allow my body to heal postpartum after an unplanned hospital birth (I’ll be sharing my bearth story soon). The first 40 days of my postpartum journey included 

Getting to learn my beautiful sun ☀️(Baby Olaifa is such a joy and has truly graced this earth with his presence. He’s destined to change the world and is teaching me so much about how to be his mother. He has such an appetite and loves cuddles with mommy and daddy. )

Adjusting to being a parent( my husband and I have turned it up when it comes to our team work and communication skills. There have been moments of frustration and fear as we navigate through these new and uncharted waters but we make sure to support each other in our learning. We are committed to gentle parenting that requires us to unlearn and reimagine while checking in with ourselves and emotions every step of the way. I am grateful to have had my husband by my side through this entire journey from pregnancy until now. A special shout out to single mothers as you’ve been on my mind and in my prayers every step of the way. The strength you possess is unmatched. 

Rest (staying in bed as much as possible unless going to use the restroom)

Healing (belly wraps, sitz baths filled with healing herbs, yoni steams to heal the perineum and assist with vaginal bleeding, coconut and calendula oil for the hemorrhoids)

Nourishing foods( warm foods to bring heat back into the body ie oatmeal, soups, teas and an occasional wawa turkey sandwich cus ya girl went my entire pregnancy craving one)

Staying hydrated (coconut water has me in a choke hold. I’ve been purchasing frozen pouches from my local Guyanese market and keeping them in hand in addition to my water bottle. It’s been a challenge to stay hydrated but I’ve been doing my best)

Breastfeeding (this has truly been my favorite and most tasking thing about postpartum. I am so grateful to be able to nourish my baby from my body. We spent a ton of time together gazing deeply into each others eyes. He usually ends each session with a milk mustache and a drunken deep sleep. It’s so beautiful to experience breastfeeding and bonding with my sun ☀️. I for sure won’t miss the late night or 5 am feedings but knowing that my son is being fed liquid gold filled with all of the nutrients he needs makes it worth it)

There is so much more to say about the first 40 days of my postpartum journey but I’ll stop here. Postpartum is forever and extends past the first 40 days as I’ll be a mother for the rest of my life. I am excited to continue my healing and for all the beautiful things that Olódùmaré has in store for our family. 

I give thanks to my bearth team, family and friends who have held in down for me in this season. From the grocery store runs, chauffeuring to doctors appointments, dinner drop offs, phone calls, text messages, cards and the list goes on. You are deeply appreciated 

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