Glow Camp 2k16 was a blast. GLOW stands for Girls Leading our world and is a female empowerment program started by Peace Corps Volunteers here in Swaziland. Through this program clubs are formed by PCVS and Swazi counterparts all over Swaziland to help empower young Swazi girls to make better informed decisions about their lives. Since you missed it of course here are some photos from this years GLOW camp compliments of my best friend Nathalie. Go check out her blog:



Crowning of Big Mamma: The camper who showed leadership and commitment to GLOW during that dayimg-20170427-wa0015.jpgimg-20170425-wa0002.jpgimg-20170425-wa0005.jpgimg-20170427-wa0014.jpg


Aerobics Session


Beautiful GLOW girls just casually QUEENING!!!


No obstacle formed against these girls shall prosper. Amen!!

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